Naked Hippy Deodorant

Naked Hippy Deodorant

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Let your spirit soar. Can everyday be clothing optional?

Our ‘Naked Hippy’ is stripped of any toxic chemicals, additives and essential oils, to leave you with just the good stuff. So you can smell just like...You.

This effective formula uses stink fighting ingredients so you won’t be distracted by b.o.

Warning: may cause increased awareness and/or enlightenment. We’ve time traveled to Woodstock and brought back Hippy Pits Natural Deodorant.

We believe in love, peace and freedom for all. What do you believe in?

Each Jar lasts 3-6 months, depending on use. We suggest buying 2-3 jars at a time to reduce your carbon footprint (it costs the same to ship one jar as it does to ship 3).

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Peace and love Hippy Tribe, your new body care ritual is here! It's no secret - the powerful healing effects of pure botanicals. We have searched far and wide and gathered these organic, vegan and cruelty-free body products just for you.

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