Long lasting

Natural, Vegan Deodorant

Handmade in small batches with only the best ingredients. Packaged in environment friendly tins.


Natural Deodorant that Actually Works

Started in 2016, we've developed a deodorant that lasts all day long, is soft on sensitive skin and that is good for the environment!

Since then, we've shipped over 10,000 jars worldwide and have received raving reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Made By Hand

Made in small batches with all natural ingredients – no toxins, no aluminum.


Tins are easier to recycle than glass or plastic, and they're lighter - therefore have less of a carbon footprint.

Small Business

Not owned by a massive conglomerate. We are family owned and operated.

Real Reviews. Real Customers.


I've been using natural deodorants for about 10 years, and have had not a lot of luck getting a really good product to last through hard workouts and long work days! Hippie Pits does the job! It has a pleasant smell and literally lasts for the whole day! You don't notice any perspiration odor at all!

Laurie Loewen

April 10, 2021


I have sensitive pits and will get a rash if I use regular antiperspirants especially in the winter. I tried Dove sensitive and it used to be ok but then it was not. After I heard about Hippy Pits and tried my first jar I was so impressed, no rash, no smell and even no sweat in Mexico or in Saskatchewan summer heat.

Anne Penniston Gray

Nov 29, 2020


The hunt for an all-natural, effective deodorant was a tough one until I found Hippy Pits and fell instantly IN LOVE! I have really sensitive skin and this deodorant actually felt nourishing and contains great, long lasting scents that makes me feel nice and fresh all day long! I have used the London Fog and Rose scents so far and wow, they are something truly magical.

Savannah Bunkholt

Nov 17, 2020


Been wearing Hippy Pits for a few years now, and what a difference! Not irritation, pain or bad reaction I used to get with chemically made commercial brands. This natural product really holds up well, and better than other plant based ones I have tested. My favourite is Tree Hugger for sure, holds up the strongest scent. Cant wait to try London Fog.


Aug 8, 2020


Ok so I bought a small jar because I wasn't sure how I'd like it and if it would work well for me. I'm now in the process of ordering the bigger jar because I'm so impressed with this product. I put it on in the morning (around 9 am) and it lasts until I shower before bed (say about 11:30 pm) and I apply again. I find regular brand deodorants last less the time and you need multiple applications unlike Hippy Pits.
It's Canadian made as well which is even better. I'd rather contribute to Canadian owned businesses.

Tanya Downey

May 1, 2020