About Hippy Pits


Hippy Pits Natural Deodorant is:

Vegan, cruelty-free, aluminum free and never tested on animals.

We are compassionate

We understand the struggles of others and injustice being done to the planet and animals. We have the courage to stand up for what we believe in and speak up for the voiceless.

We are grateful

Hippies are love ambassadors. We don't take life for granted. All life is precious and deserves respect and gratitude. Every breath you take is a magical experience. We aim to show you this, and help foster a more grateful society.

We are truth seekers

We help to conserve the environment and strive to teach you the secrets of nature so you too can be one with the earth. We believe in respecting our bodies, and use only gentle non-toxic ingredients.

We are mindful

A hippy knows what matters and pays attention to it. We contribute and lend a helping hand to those who need it, and don't discriminate. Concentrate on the here and now, after all, that's all there is.

We are peace, love and good vibes

When people love and care for themselves, that emanates outwards - towards other people, other beings and the planet. Live life in your most natural and raw form, that is, a life of love. And...

Live like a hippy, don't smell like one.

We live a chemical free, health conscious and plant based life. We invite you to adopt a healthy, organic lifestyle from the food you eat, to your home cleaning products, to the deodorant you choose.
We may seem foolish that we can change peoples' lives by giving them a natural deodorant, but that's ok. We're hippies, we believe it's possible.