MORNING ROUTINES: 5 Ways to Have A Miserable Day

Mornings are terrible...most of us hate them. The best way to have a terrible day is to wake up with a terrible attitude. This brings us to our top 5 ways to be more miserable. Everyday.

 Remember, it takes a serious commitment to hate life.

  1. Don’t get enough sleep. If you stay up late trying to scroll to the bottom of instagram - realizing there is no bottom - then passing out with bloodshot eyes at 2 am you’re doing something right.

  2. Press snooze more than 3 times. There’s nothing better for your day than rushing through your morning routine or even better - not having one. Start your day by reminding yourself ‘being asleep is better than being awake. Life sucks’.
  3. Skip breakfast… Or even better, eat something that’s really bad for you. Animal byproducts or processed food. There’s nothing like a clogged artery that’ll keep you down all day.
  4. Judge everyone you see. While taking the bus or train to work, or even driving, try to make yourself feel better (but actually worse) by reminding yourself that someone had an even worse morning than you did. Pointing them out specifically, and making up stories about them works wonders. Stay away from compassion or gratitude. These are detrimental to your purpose here. 
  5. Fill your body with toxins as much as possible. Specifically: Fluoride, Aluminum, Phthalates, Parabens, Tetrasodium EDTA,Triclosan. These can all be found in drugstore bought toothpastes, deodorants, soaps, shampoos etc. Using natural products  that don’t cause disease is what you want to avoid here. Stay as far away as you can from Hippy Pits Natural Deodorant as it won’t cause any long term illnesses.

If you’ve committed to having a miserable day for long enough and are looking for a change, we can help you. Hippy Pits Natural Deodorant is a great way to start the day… among other things.

We've created deodorant that will help energize you using Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils. For those people who have too much energy and are always on the go go go, we have a deodorant that will remind you to keep calm. It’s made with Lavender and Jasmine essential Oils.

Morning routines are important, they set the tone for your day and of course, your life. As Annie Dillard once said “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives”.

At Hippy Pits, we believe that we’re more than just a deodorant company. We’re an advocate for your morning routine. We want to help you start your day right and have that great feeling last all day.

Self love is really what we’re ambassadors for. When people love and care for themselves, that emanates outwards - towards other people, other beings, the planet…

We may seem foolish that we can change people’s lives by giving them a deodorant… but that’s okay. We’re hippies. We believe in ourselves.

If you want to live a life in your natural, most raw form, that is - a life full of love...

Join the Hippy Pits Movement. Try our natural deodorant. Treat yourself with love in the morning. Give yourself time to experience your day, remind yourself what matters before you step into your day - whatever it is. Give yourself a big loving hug.

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