Morning Routines: 5 Ways to Have a More Balanced Day

You know those days where you wake up and the next thing you know you’re back at home getting ready for bed? The day passes by and so do the weeks and months… You take on too much. Maybe try to do everything? Or you don't do enough. Feel like you're not accomplishing anything? We’ve all been there.

That’s when we know we really need balance and a morning routine is great for this. After all, as Annie Dillard says “how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Without further adieu…

  1. Get to bed earlier. At the end of the day have a good relax session, read, talk with your partner or roommate, plan your outfit or presentation for tomorrow without staring at a glowing screen. Binge watching TV and aggressive social media consumption into the late hours is the number one way to have a terrible next day.
  2. Wake up earlier. Spend some time with yourself in the morning before rushing into the craziness of everyday life. Mornings are when we have the most motivation (if we’ve had enough sleep) so take advantage of this time. Get some exercise, have a great breakfast. Take advantage of the quiet world while you can.
  3. Fuel your Body. That’s right, your body needs to wake up. Give it some oxygen with deep breathing or exercise. Give it nutrition - not caffeine. AND DRINK WATER, SERIOUSLY. As you’re reading this, you’re dehydrated. It's an epidemic. We all need more water.
  4. Fuel your mind… And spirit, heart and soul. Soak up knowledge from a trusted source. Start reading a motivational book or a beautiful poem. Do some meditation, visualization or gratitude journaling. Start your day, don’t let your day start without you.
  5. Go to the home spa. Treat yourself - a little bit every day. Personal hygiene can be spa like. Take your time flossing your teeth. Take a nice hot shower using a natural soap or body wash. Slather on a homemade face mask. Do what feels good. And before you leave your house… put on some Hippy Pits Natural Deodorant.  

Life can be crazy, but we make it that way. Wake up early, do less, be present. It all starts with your morning. 

We've created deodorant that will help energize you with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils. For those people who have too much energy and are always on the go go go, we have a deodorant that will remind you to keep calm. It’s made with Lavender and Jasmine essential Oils.

At Hippy Pits, we believe that we’re more than just a deodorant company. We’re an advocate for your morning routine. We want to help you start your day right and have that great feeling last all day.

Self love is really what we’re ambassadors for. When people love and care for themselves, that emanates outwards - towards other people, other beings, the planet…

If you want to live a life in your natural, most raw form, that is - a life full of love.We may seem foolish that we can change people’s lives by giving them a deodorant… but that’s okay. We’re hippies. We believe in ourselves.

Join the Hippy Pits Movement. Try our natural deodorant. Treat yourself with love in the morning. Give yourself time to experience your day, remind yourself what matters before you step into your day. Give yourself a loving hug.

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