Tell Me About Each Scent 👉

Tree Hugger:

Wake up! From the moment you slather on ‘Tree Hugger’ you will feel energized and ready to take on the world. Crafted with uplifting, antibacterial tea tree essential oil combined with healing eucalyptus essential oil.

London Fog:

Remain calm and grounded throughout the day. Relax and stay present. This soothing blend is made with hints of burgamot, vanilla and lavender. Its sweet scent will whisk you away to a fairy tale land where anything is possible. This botanical scent is expertly crafted by our lovely friend Faten at Ohana Tribe.

Live Love Lavender:

Our relaxing, floral blend of lavender and jasmine essential oils will leave a subtle scent with you throughout your day. If you desire to feel peace and be relaxed, ‘Live Love Lavender’ will keep you calm with moisturizing and all natural ingredients.

Mother Rose:

Our most luxurious deodorant yet, Mother Rose. We decided to go big with this limited edition. We sourced a steamed extraction, undiluted, Rosea centifolia for this scent. It was so important to us to get as close a smell to Indian rose petals as possible and we did it!

This gorgeous essential oil is antibacterial, an antidepressant and an aphrodisiac. It's use helps with grief, PMS, menopause, heart palpitations, and is used to regulate female hormones and the menstrual cycle.

Naked Hippy:

Let your spirit soar. Can everyday be clothing optional? Our ‘Naked Hippy’ is stripped of any toxic chemicals, additives and essential oils, to leave you with just the good stuff. So you can smell just like...You.