Better gift giving; sharing experiences and better living

Better gift giving; sharing experiences and better living


If holiday shopping makes you fa-la-la-la-launch into insanity, then maybe buying token gifts for people that you care for just isn’t you.

We often fall into the pressures created by the materialistic and corporate world that surrounds us, and the result is that we buy things just for the sake of giving something. This year, like in previous years, we are striving to celebrate the holidays with gifts that are more about experiences and about sharing a better lifestyle with those that you love.

You don’t need to go to the mall to show that you love someone.

What do your friends and family love to do? Or better yet, gift them an experience that they wouldn’t usually indulge in. Buy them a night at a local bowling alley, laser tag, or trampoline park. Add a little spice to their regular routine and gift the experience of getting them outside their comfort zone a little bit.

Better from the inside out
Shampoos, soaps, deodorants and other self care items are often the items that we don’t treat ourselves to because we feel that they are external products. In reality all these products are absorbed into our skin and we should be taking extra care to choose natural and preservative free products. Give the gift of better healthier products this holiday season, and treat your loved ones to a morning routine that is free of harmful toxins and chemicals!

Mark your calendar for our Black Friday Sale this weekend! Hippy Pits natural and vegan deodorant will be Buy 1 Get 1 50% off so you can the gift of healthier habits to yourself and someone else! We also have a Botanical Box that includes hair care, toothpaste and deodorant.

Get Creative and use your skills
We know that you have a long list of skills, use them! What are you good at? Making things with your hands, like knitting? Editing video or photos? Use your skills and hobbies to create something meaningful (this is especially effective for family and close friends.)

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We would love to hear how you show your love, and share your tips with the other hippies in our community!

Happy giving ❤️

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