Cruelty-free gift giving

Cruelty-free gift giving



Finding gifts for the vegans in your life (or heck to treat yourself!) can be difficult if you come to a dead end with ideas. Here are a few ideas to get those creative gift-giving juices flowing!

1. Vegan lip balm
Ready for the mistletoe!
Keep your lips moisturized and healthy during these cold winter months with Hurraw vegan lip balm. They have tinted or regular and have some cool flavours like chai spice and almond. Pucker up!

2. Cute enamel pins
I dare you to find someone that doesn’t love a cute pin! The Herbivoire Clothing company has so many cute pins perfect for the vegan in your life.

3. Vegan chocolate that gives back
Give a treat that melts their heart and then in their mouth. Rescue Chocolate is 100% vegan and ALL of their proceeds go towards animal shelters and other organizations across the US. It’s clearly a win-win gift!

4. Natural deodorant that really works
Our vegan deodorant works, and you know it! Share the joy of having fresh pits without the toxic preservatives and ingredients that all your friends and family are swiping under their arms, yuck. Let’s help them do better :heart:

5. Scrub away 2018!
It’s time for a new year, and new you - literally! Scrub away the old skin cells that have been clinging onto you in 2018 and say helllooo to fresh and new for 2019! You can also make your own scrubs at home using simple ingredients you probably already have! Google is your friend.

6. Loud & proud sweater
Long gone is the time to be timid or shy about our vegan choices. Shout it out with these cute and cozy sweaters (and other accessories) by Talk Vegan to Me.

Happy gift giving!
And remember: it is not about what presents you give, it’s about how present you are. Use these gifts to brighten someone’s day but pair them with something non-materialistic, like words of affirmation or some quality time 💛



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