Hippy Heroes #1: Kids of Nepal

Hippy Heroes #1: Kids of Nepal

Every now and then you scroll through facebook and something amazing pops up. A post, video or initiative that gives you hope in humanity. A light of positivity in the swamp of negativity. 

This post appears and you remember that social media can be used to do good. It's not all gossip.

Today, we're writing about the light of hope we found called Kids of Nepal, and the hippies behind it. 

Here's the post. Watch the video, or else: 

If you haven't yet, CLICK HERE to donate.

Or you can donate directly to them from our website with this magical embedding tool: 

Kids of Nepal is an amazing initiative put on by some truly amazing people.

Maybe they wouldn't call themselves hippies, but that's what we're here for. After all, isn't a hippy just someone who stands up for what they believe in? Makes their own rules, and makes the world a better place? Quote me on that, Webster. 

In 2002, Mitra and Miriam started adopting homeless kids off the streets of Nepal. They didn't ask for permission, they just did what needed to be done. They had compassion and lent a helping hand. Since then, they've adopted 13 children. 

One of our close friends, Caleb, the raspy voiced narrator of this video made a trip to Nepal with his family and friends to visit but also to help share this story.

Caleb is a talented film maker and web designer and he too thought "well heck, I'm a hippy. Why ask for permission? Why not just use my skills like Miriam and Mitra did and document some of this goodness and share this with the world?"

So what now?

Well, if you haven't made a donation already, go do that now. 

Also - share this video. The average share is worth $47 in donations. Isn't that amazing? Yeah, share it. 

What are they raising money for anyway? Well, other than the fact that 100% of your donation will go directly to the cause, here's what you should know. 

Phase 1: They're building a house. This will cost them $30,500. 

Phase 2: They're developing a sustainable farm. This will take $35,000. 

Phase 3: They will build a second home and a play area. This will take $45,000. 

Phase 4: I know they don't technically have one, but these people will continue making the world a better place, and be telling us amazing stories along the way. This is why we should support them right now. 

"Netflix is something you cheap out on. You use a friends account. Important causes like Kids of Nepal is something that you spend your yearly Netlfix savings on ($96)." 

~ Quote from someone famous, probably Drake. 

Click Here - Donate Now>>

Look at these amazing children. They're so beautiful and happy. You should help support them! 


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