Hippy Pits AMA

Hippy Pits AMA

We asked our hippy family on Instagram to send us their questions about Hippy Pits products, policies and anything else! We want to open up the line of communication, get to know you on a personal level and create an intimate community of like-minded people who care about the earth and the animals.

Here’s our first batch of of Ask Me Anything questions sent in by Hippy Pits customers!

Hi! Wondering if it's a possibility for hippy pits to come to [a store in] Europe?
I live in the Netherlands and when I buy online I have to pay around €20 extra douane/border tax just because the product is from abroad. I’m very pleased with your product but the costs are doubled for me, so that’s a little bummer😉 maybe it's a stupid

question I don’t know anything about shipping and taxes 😉much love ♥ 😘

Thank you for reaching out! There's no such thing as a stupid question, we are so happy to hear you love our product from the Netherlands ♥️

We are still just a small family company ourselves, and so we probably won't be available in a store in Europe anytime too soon (but we are loving the idea!!)

We will take your question into consideration and see if we can do something to help out our hippys from Europe

I want to work for you guys!! 🙌✌
I love your company and your products! 💓

😍😍 We're so honored! You're so sweet, if we had any room in this tiny family company you would fit right in 😘✌

If I apply hippy pits in the am - do I gotta re-apply during the day?  

Cuz my pits can get pretty offensive sometimes🤗

Haha been there! Our deodorant is mighty powerful against offensive smelly bacteria, and usually one application is all it takes for a full day of freshness! Of course every body is different, so sometimes a second application may be advised during a day of heavy stress, and it also depends on how much you apply! Every pit has different needs, but usually one application is enough :)

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