Packing your Perfect Summer Bag

Packing your Perfect Summer Bag


The sun is shining and adventure is calling! Be ready for anything life throws at you with this summer essentials list for the hippy at heart. 

1. Protect your cute face!

Keep a hat and sunglasses in your bag to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays (we love some vitamin D but sometimes we want to enjoy the sun without baking our squinty faces). Don’t forget your lips! Find a lip chap with spf to keep those puckers safe from sunburns.

2. We all get sweaty.

It’s hot out and sweating is our body’s natural tool to fight against the heat. Don’t let sweat dampen your day, keep some moist wipes in your bag for a quick and refreshing wipe (on your face, underarms or body) anytime. Fight body odor with a natural deodorant (oh hey, that’s us!) and be confident in staying fresh and using an all-natural and vegan product on your skin. Read more about how our natural ingredients work!

3. Reduce your impact!

We have all found ourselves in a situation where we were wishing we brought something to avoid single-use plastic that we weren’t anticipating in our day. Build yourself a kit! Find a small to medium tupperware or reusable ‘ziplock bag’ and fill it with a reusable shopping bag that folds up small, a foldable utensil and a reusable straw.

4. Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!

    You should always have some sort of snack on your bag for those times that adventures pops up unexpectedly, or maybe traffic bogs you down for way too long. Having some nuts or date protein balls can be the difference between life and a really hangry life.

    5. Protect your skin!

    Find a natural sunscreen at you local health store, and have something like a shawl or silk scarf to make your own personal shade. When you are prepare you can fully enjoy the sun form uch longer and reduce the consequences for the next day’s adventures.


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