Hippy Heroes #2: Spring Edition

Hippy Heroes #2: Spring Edition

'Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.' ~ The Lorax

We want to highlight our favorite activists! Have a quick peek at an interview with the King family, as well as an Instagrammer who is pushing boundaries every day with her educational and heartfelt posts about animals. Enjoy!

Cynthia and her son, Major King, are making a difference!

New York! If you can make it (vegan) there, you can make it (vegan) anywhere! Cynthia is a proud mom, vegan dance studio owner Cynthia King Dance and creator of vegan ballet slippers !!:)
Her son Major is a college student, B-boy and activist. In this article from Vegan Outreach, we explore their journey as a family who is entrenched in their community spreading compassion, giving support and discussing challenges. Check it out HERE: 'Activism through the arts' 



@jane_doe7x turned us vegan (more about that in a future blog), and although her posts are at times graphic in nature, their repetition and transparent honesty are crucially educating about the animal factory farming industry. We encourage you to add @jane_doe7x as an Instagram friend, and you too can be inspired to ignite conversations, and continue to make the best choices for your health, the environment, and all of our animal friends.

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