Vegan Food Trends for 2019!

Vegan Food Trends for 2019!


We are so elated to see vegan foods trending and becoming more popular in a big mainstream way! More and more companies are realizing that we are out here begging for vegan options. We’ve put together a list of some of the most interesting (and some questionable) vegan trends that are predicted for 2019. Get ready to be hungry!

Year of the Oat?

Recently oat milk has made quite a splash in the dairy-free beverage scene. High in protein (but also high in calories) it is a tasty alternative to almond or soy milk. You can make your own oat milk at home by soaking steel-cut or old-fashioned oats in water, blending until smooth and then straining out the remaining solids. Cheers!


Vegan Seafood

Are you sea-ing this?! We can’t believe how many vegan seafood options are popping up around us. From frozen crabless cakes at the grocery store to vegan caviar made out of sriracha using molecular gastronomy (you can make this at home even though it sounds intimidating!) vegan seafood is becoming more and more popular. Even if you don’t love the idea of an imitation prawn on your plate, the more seafood alternatives that are available to everyone, the less seafood that will be taken from the sea.

DIY Vegan Cheese

Making your own cashew cheese at home is probably the best feeling in the entire world. There are more and more recipes online every day on how to create your own vegan cheeses at home. Whether you want to make a giant tub of cashew queso cheese to slather over everything, or to make some melty stringy vegan mozzarella using tapioca, the internet empowers you.

Vegan Jerky

Plant-based jerky is popping up all over the place! Most brands are high in protein and pack some serious flavour. The store-bought versions are usually made from soy or tempeh, but you can make your own at home using jackfruit, eggplant, tofu and even watermelon. Yeah we said watermelon.

Fast Food Vegan Options

Can I get a side of Heck Yes with that!? What a glorious feeling it is to walk into a fast food restaurant and order something that is entirely plant-based. In 2018, Beyond Meat changed the game when they started distributing to fast food chains like A&W, Carl’s Jr and a few locations of Del Taco. Did you eat your weight in vegan fast food burgers last year? Yeah… me neither…

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