What Shampoo and Conditioner to Use on Different Hair Types

Whether you have beach hair and don’t care, or you’re becky with the good hair - we all have hair issues. Dry, oily, frizzy and limp, everyone has different hair needs and Hippy Pits has designed Flower Crown shampoos and conditioners with only the best botanical ingredients to help you tame your mane.  

Our Flower Crown products will shower you with all the benefits of natural botanicals and quality ingredients. We have three luscious scents in hair care; Tree Hugger (tea tree oil), Citrus Kiss, and Rose Garden. Each scent is loaded with healing botanicals and nutrient rich ingredients. Flower Crown products are suitable for all hair types, but we’ve created a quick guide to help you select the botanicals that are best for the hair issue you want to tackle. Plant extracts are your new best friend!

Dry and damaged hair

Rose Garden shampoo & Citrus Kiss conditioner

Hair repair to the rescue! Our Rose Garden shampoo will whisk you away to paradise with an intoxicating blend of healing botanicals. The organic rosehip seed oil is rich in nutrients, promotes hair growth and keeps hair moisturized and strong. Chamomile soothes dry scalp, so you can free yourself from chemicals and give in to your passion for clean, beautiful hair. The Citrus Kiss conditioner will delight you with essential oils of lemon and sweet orange! The calendula extract provides a deeply hydrationing condition, and meadowfoam seed oil will keep your hair feeling moisturized all day long.


Oily hair

Tree Hugger shampoo & Tree Hugger conditioner

Our Tree Hugger hair care will make you feel at one with the Earth. Organic tea tree oil in the shampoo is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and controls excess oil in the roots. Neem leaf promotes hair growth and restores healthy, luxurious hair. The Tree Hugger conditioner  has organic tea tree oil to liberate the scalp from itching and dandruff, and meadowfoam seed oil reduces frizz, adds volume and slows oil production. Improve overall hair health with this botanical blend.

Dull hair

Rose Garden shampoo & Rose Garden conditioner

Heal your tired hair with this botanical blend of natural ingredients. Organic rosehip seed oil is rich in nutrients, and keeps hair moisturized and strong while promoting hair growth. Chamomile enriches natural hair color and soothes dry scalp. Our Rose Garden conditioner will give you hair as soft as a feather. Organic rosehip seed oil moisturizes and allows you to brush out all those tangles from last night. Essential oils of lavender and bergamot will soothe you and your gorgeous locks.



Tree Hugger shampoo & Citrus Kiss conditioner

The organic tea tree oil in our Tree Hugger shampoo is an anti-bacterial and controls excess oil while neem leaf in the shampoo promotes hair growth and restores healthy, luxurious hair. The hydrating calendula extract in the Citrus Kiss conditioner is inhibits dry scalp providing healing relief of itchy scalp and dandruff. Meadowfoam seed oil will retain you hair's moisture even after you've conditioned so you can enjoy a healthy scalp and gorgeous soft locks.

Frizzy hair

Citrus Kiss shampoo & Citrus Kiss conditioner

Wake up to our Citrus Kiss shampoo, and energizing botanical bouquet! Calendula has regenerative properties and deeply hydrates the scalp while yucca extract contains vitamins and minerals to stimulate hair growth. Our Citrus Kiss conditioner will delight you with essential oils of lemon and sweet orange. Calendula extract is deeply hydrating and inhibits dry scalp. Meadowfoam seed oil will retain your hair’s moisture even after you've conditioned. Soft and healthy hair is yours, from root to tip.

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