You Tubers We Love!

You Tubers We Love!

   You Tubers We LUV!

Sharing is Caring! So here is a list of three of our favorite YouTubers. They are family friendly and offer loads of valuable advice and education on all things raw, cooked, vegan, exercise, breastfeeding, body care, books, working from home, animals, nutrition, mindfulness, activism, and so much more! Read on and explore our fellow female lifestyle leaders!

Ellen & Family in Hawaii



I've been following Ellen for a short time and her videos ROCK! You are whisked away to beautiful Hawaii where she shares her tips for raising a healthy and happy family. She even has her own website and e-books This lovely 'Mango Island Mama' will inspire you to live life to the fullest! Check out her YouTube channel here: Ellen Fisher

Alyse of Raw Alignment

Alyse is a woman on the move! She's smart, fun and doing a great job spreading the word about health and exercise. We love watching her evolution and are stoked she's preparing to hike the Appalachian Mountains! She's also created her very own e-books and has lots of helpful resources on her website. Join her on her journey here: Raw Alignment

Emily the Bite Size Vegan

Introducing the Bite Size Vegan who is a passionate educator. Her open and honest videos shed light on important ethical issues. If you have children yourself, or know any, Emily has a series of 17 Vegan Kids Videos that compassionately explain to children, why we shouldn't eat animals, in a non-graphic and helpful way. She is super cool, check her out!

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